A simple way to

A simple way to

Project Mgmt.

Packing Lists.



Did we mention it's free?


Best for just getting started


3 Projects
3 Shotlists Per Project
3 Gear Setups
12 Moodboard Images
3 Packing Lists
10 Packing Items Per List
8 Saved Packing Items
Archive Projects
Mood Library
Add Gear to Packing Lists


Packed full of premium features


per year

Shotlists Per Project
Gear Setups
Moodboard Images
Packing Lists
Packing Items Per List
Saved Packing Items
Archive Projects
Mood Library
Add Gear to Packing Lists


Is Linus available for Android?

Linus is not yet available for Android, and we do not have plans to build for Android in the near future.

Why Linus?

Linus is meant to be a better way to organize, plan, and prepare for your creative projects — mostly aimed at photo and video professionals.

How do I get the best use out of Linus?

Start by creating a project. Add some details about a project in the brief section. Next create some shots. Shots can be grouped into lists, which a project can have multiple of. A shot is made up of a gear setup, as well as some notes about the shot you want to capture. Rearrange your shots in any order, marking them complete once you’ve got the shot.

Ew, a subscription?

In short, yes. We’ve put lots of time and energy into developing a tool that can help creative professionals. While you can certainly get lots out of the free version, the pro version unlocks some additional features and convenience that the free version lacks. Any creative professional who believes in spending money on things that make your life/work easier, will understand the value that Linus has to offer.

Linus would be so much better if _____.

Yeah? Well we’re more than happy to consider new functionality that will make creative professionals more efficient, productive, and organized. Feel free to reach out to us with feedback via help@trylinus.com — We really appreciate it!

Have more questions? Reach out to us — help@trylinus.com

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